Free Trial

Not sure if CrossFit is for you?

Not sure if you’re fit enough to join?  Thought about it but a bit intimidated?  Best way to find out if CrossFit is for you is to experience a workout session first hand with our certified trainers.  Learn about our methodology, programming and how we customize the program to your current level of fitness and your personal goals. Best part is you can try it for Free.  Free Trials are available during the last 2 weeks of every month, contact us for more information.

Here is what you can expect during the Free Trial and some simple suggestions:

  • Scaled warm-up, to start the evaluation process & gauge your strength
  • Skill training, to evaluate the level of training you will need, and
  • The Workout, to see whatcha got
  • Coaches will assess your skill and overall fitness level and make an On-Ramp recommendation
  • Bring a water bottle, wear comfortable workout gear, clean, good shoes
  • It will take about 1.25 hours
  • Recommend that you eat 1-2 hours prior or you’ll gas out
  • We require that you arrive about 15 minutes early, to fill out the Waiver and Baseline Assessment.

On-Ramp Program

Once you’ve tried CrossFit out, the next step is to join and complete the recommended On-Ramp Programs which will be an introduction to the techniques and philosophy of CrossFit.

Once you have completed the On-Ramp program, you can then participate in our Workout of the Day (WOD). Every day there is a different WOD and you can sign up for any session you want throughout the day. See our class schedule for times. Each class is programmed as a group training session. This provides you with personal attention from a coach and group motivation. The experience has not been replicated and we achieve this by our commitment to a low coach-to-athlete ratio. We want you succeed and assure you get the maximum benefit from every workout through the movements you perform.

Change Your Life Today and Join Now, or give us a call at 705-313-2325.