Team Training

Team Training


Train With OUR Team To Improve YOUR Team’s Performance


CFK Training provides a break in routine and adds variety and intensity to your overall training program. Many elite athletes and team sports such as hockey, soccer, football, basketball and lacrosse use CrossFit to improve athletic performance and physical confidence.  Classes are also a superior form of conditioning training through high intensity intervals.

CFK will challenge your team to push their physical and mental limits well beyond what they perceived them to be. Not only does this transfer directly to the field, the rink or court but into their personal lives as well. The CFK team of trainers are passionate, focused, intense, and knowledgeable. For getting to the next level, CFK is the place where teams will transform themselves. 

  • CFK Training can accommodate sports teams large and small.
  • Minimum team size is 10 participants.
  • Various ages of teams welcome. i.e. ages 10 and up
  • Team training sessions are 1 hour private sessions dedicated entirely to the team-specific training requirements.
  • CFK will also do off site training – we come to you!
  • Email for cost per session.  Book 8 sessions or more and cost reduces per session.

Need Help With The Cost of Training?

Ask us about our unique fundraising program!  Many teams use it to help pay for training. Simple to execute, minimal admin required.  60% earn-back.